ReWilding Wellness

an exploration of

your inner wilderness

December 13th + 14th - Estes Park, CO 

with Atz Kilcher

+ Sierra Frost

Most of us have been pulled away from our natural callings;

We've stopped doing art,

Forgotten our stories have purpose and meaning,

Sat inside and disconnected from the Earth,

Focused on the things outside of ourselves,

distracted from the wilderness within each of us.

This is your invitation to ReWild Your Wellness

Free yourself by rekindling the fire of creativity and truth inside of you

through music, story, nature, and movement,

surrounded by other wayfinders ready to break free from isolation and lean into community.

You are wild. You are creation. You are divine design.

Join us in the darkness of winter to

Find your roots and nourish

Remember who you are

Express your art

Be together

ReWilding Wellness is a FULL day retreat that invites you to:

song writing.png

Storytelling & Songwriting

Tell your story, perhaps RE-story it, then express it through words, writing, and/or song.

In Seward, when Kent helped me to captur

Explore Movement in the Outdoors

Experience mindfulness in the outdoors as a form of movement and connection to your body. 


Exploring Ancestry & Mask Making

Explore where you came from, what that means to you, and create a mask to honor your history while moving forward in your story.

root weaving.jpg

Root Weaving

Using Alaskan tree roots, learn how to weave a beautiful bracelet to ground your body, mind, and spirit in the process.

Who This is For

This retreat is for people who know that wellness is not something we REACH for,

but is something we RETURN to within if we can listen and follow.


 This retreat is NOT for you if you don't enjoy the adventure of creativity or expression.

It is NOT for you if you don't want to know more about who you are.

It is NOT for you if you don't want to be curious.

This retreat IS for you if:

  • you enjoy flowing from silly + creative to sincere + deep

  • you are ready to show up to receive and love the truth of who you are

  • you want to play with your artistic expression

  • you love themes of nature, living with the land, and fresh air

  • you know there is something more... wisdom we have forgotten and you're ready to remember

Join us in the rustic wilderness of Estes Park in December to:

*create a customized wellness practice for YOU

*deepen your self-awareness

*master 4+ creative skills to express yourself

*write the next chapter of your story

*rebel against the status quo of good enough and be deeply fulfilled

*build a community of people to support your ongoing journey


rewilding wellness retreat

YMCA of the Rockies - Estes Park

December 13th - Check-in, BONUS evening breathwork, & orientation

December 14th - FULL day retreat

All-Inclusive Investment*

$597 per person 


*includes dinner + lodging 12/13, 3 meals 12/14

travel to Estes Park not included

additional lodging available at extra cost

Have more questions?

Q: What topics might be explored during this retreat?

A: Facilitators will lead creative expression such as weaving, song, storytelling, mask making, and more. We will also guide you to apply your wellness to these practices and provide how they support you. You may decide to explore any experiences you want. Topics could include addiction, mental health illness, PTSD, difficult relationship, trauma, grief, and more. How deep you travel is up to you and Sierra will be your main contact throughout the retreat to support you safely through the recovery process.

Q: How will these activities be taught?

A: There will be a combination of whole group lecture and song, hands-on breakout workshops with Atz + Sierra separately, as well as materials to support your individual practice during and after you leave the retreat.

Q: What outcomes are possible for me?

A: You will walk away having created a song or story, a mask, a bracelet, and a wellness plan. You may also experience breakthroughs by changing emotional attachments, releasing stress stored in your body, peace through healthy community engagement, and more. You will deepen your knowing of who you are and sharpen or play with your creative expression.

Q: What if I want to stay in Estes Park longer than the retreat?

A: You may pay for extra nights to extend your stay at the YMCA Estes Park separately.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: -A reusable water bottle -Layers of clothing for 2 days (we will be inside and outside for short periods and weather is unpredictable!) -Hiking boots or winter boots -Hygiene Kit -Snacks (if you want in between meals) -Your imagination and open heart -A Journal (optional)

Q: Why does this work matter to me?

A: If you're like many of us, you might get home at the end of the day and feel like there's something missing. You may think about that relationship that you wish were better, the haunting past you want to heal from, or experience some depression or anxiety you want to work through. It may just be that you find yourself at the kitchen table having a drink to numb the feeling that life is incomplete and not know why. This matters because there's more to life than the status quo. You can be fulfilled in your work, fed by your relationships, and have time to rest. Humans are biologically wired to create and to connect with each other and the Earth. It's time we returned to our inner nature and live the stories we choose instead of the ones that choose us. You are taking a radical stand to prioritze this work. You are growing up vs. growing old. You are calling forth more of the gift of whom you already are. You are choosing to access the wisdom that came before you to be able to give it to those who come after. You know that if you don't do it, there is no guarantee anyone else will, and our culture is hungry to return to the dreams we had before, we have now, and we will continue to dream. You are choosing to author your own story vs. allowing your circumstances to write your future.

Q: What is special about Atz and Sierra together?

A: We join together the wisdom of young and eldered, man and woman, and have experienced similar childhood trauma and addiction. Our journeys both started in Homer, Alaska at different times and we bring a strong sense of creativity and relationship with the wilderness at the root of our hearts and souls. Sierra met Atz as a child when he was her K-6 music teacher and they are now reuniting to make magic through teaching together. There is something really special when elders and their future generations collaborate to share what they've learned. We are not just growing old, we are growing up.

Q: What is the agenda for this retreat?

A: When you register you will be included in our email list to get all the info you need to be prepared for the retreat, including times and details. Feel free to email questions in the meantime to info@invitationwellness.com

What is Breathwork?

Transformational Breathwork TM is a unique modality much different from some of the more well known breath practices. This experience utilizes a powerful and specific type of circular breathing to allow for controlled and safe "hyper-ventilation". The increased level of oxygen allows for participants to access altered states while lying down. It is here that you are able to facilitate your own internal "house-cleaning". You might discover places within yourself that still have trapped emotions, limiting stories/beliefs, shame, doubt, fear, etc, basically anything that keeps you from flowing and evolving through life with ease. Once these pieces are seen, the breathwork container allows for you to cathartically express and release them. Throughout this time you will be wearing a blindfold so that your focus remains internal and so that you feel free to express yourself uniquely. As you breathe deep, you are taken on a musical journey. The sounds you hear are designed to awaken your senses, curiosity and imagination. Along with the power of the breath, the beautiful music, you are assisted through this process by Michelle, Certified Transformational Breathwork Facilitator for any added guidance and support.

About Sierra Frost

Sierra Frost knows about mental/emotional health personally, professionally, and passionately.

Eleven years ago she started her journey in the field of child development and family dynamics through early childhood education, then special education. She now works with adolescent and adult individuals through coaching and workshops, as well as speaking events with organizations to understand topics such as trauma, mental health, and human development.

Sierra specializes in coaching people to recover from childhood adversity or long-term patterns caused by trauma. Her mission is to revolutionalize mental health in America by empowering everyday communities with accessible support and recovery skills. She is thrilled to bring her expertise to empower you to confidently care for yourself and your loved ones.

Sierra has experience in the fields of education, juvenile justice, social services, behavioral health, yoga, massage therapy, and entrepreneurship. She has also studied and practices related modalities such as mindfulness and neurology, CBT, DBT, NLP, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, and various communication training. She has worked with mental health professionals, legal professionals, law enforcement, and educators to incorporate mental and emotional supports into their work. Sierra has taught support skills and practices to clients in behavioral health organizations, addiction recovery facilities, homeless shelters, jails, and recovery centers for girls impacted by sex-trafficking.

Sierra is originally from Homer, AK and has studied with: Yoga for 12-Step-Recovery, Yoga Prison Project, Mental Health First Aid USA, Passion Yoga School, Healing Arts Institute, Alaska Pacific University, Child Development Associate Council,

and leaders in the field of trauma and somatic experiences such as Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Dan Siegel, Pat Ogden, and Ruth Buczynski through the NICABM.

 When Sierra is not teaching, coaching, and speaking, you can find her writing, kickboxing, volunteering, and traveling the world. 

About Atz Kilcher

Atz Kilcher was born and raised in Homer, Alaska. His father and mother, Yule and Ruth emigrated from Switzerland in the late 1930’s, joining some of Homer’s earliest pioneer/homesteaders.

He received bachelors degree in psychology and his masters in social work from the University of Utah. He worked for years in  residential treatment programs with adolescents and also did private practice with families and couples.

Later, he went back to school to get his elementary teaching credentials and spent 15 years as an elementary music educator.

Most importantly, Atz has been on a lifelong journey of healing from childhood trauma and PTSD from Vietnam. He is a recovering alcoholic, clean and sober for 20 years.

Over a lifetime of healing, recovery, therapy, and reading to discover the healing powers of nature, he has developed techniques that have helped him which he is eager to share with others.

Here's what Atz has to say about his pioneering past:

“I and my seven siblings, all raised in a small log cabin in a dysfunctional abusive family, got off light.  What was it that offset my mother's screams of pain in the night and seeing her bruised face the next day? What was there to balance my father’s mood swings and random abuse?

Thank God for nature. Thank God for the wilderness. Thank God for music and the arts and the animals and the trees and the ocean and the waves, beating out their healing rhythms on the Rocky cliff Where we went to play and hide and heal.

Yes, we got off light. We survived and thrived and transcended that part that could have crippled. And Thanks to Nature And a Homestead hard work ethic, we came out whole”


On the remote homestead, with no road in the early days, wood and coal for heating and cooking, and a Coleman lantern or kerosene lamp for light, the Kilcher family entertained themselves and each other with songs, stories, plays, and poetry, as well as many arts and crafts. Atz’s mother homeschooled all of the children until a road was built, allowing the children to attend public school. 

In the 50’s and 60’s, the Kilcher family performed in Alaska and Europe.

All of Atz’s seven siblings are musical. Many of them have recorded original songs, and have performed.

Many of the third and even fourth-generation are also quite talented as well.

Best known perhaps is Jewel, the singer, who is Atz’s daughter.  

He was Sierra's K-6 music teacher!