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A Permanent Solution that Results in a Fulfilling Life

When I discuss recovery with people we often come back to it looking like The Garden of Zen. This garden is a made-up place where the sun shines warmly through lush greenery onto our faces, sounds of water trickle alongside chirping birds, it smells like blooming lilies, and the air tastes of cinnamon sugar.


This is the biggest line of bullshit I have ever heard.


Recovery looks more like a forest after a fire.

Something has come to burn us down. The heat starts small yet spreads quickly, sending smoke signals we may not see until it's too late. We feel out of control and overwhelmed; it's hard to breathe and all we can think about is the damage. The landscape is left cracked open with sharp fragile stumps scattered around charred casings. Recovery is messy like a forest fire.


The important part of forest fires is they add nutrients to the soil to grow back life. The plants that grow back after may not look the same as they did before. Some trees are born to use the fire to activate their seeds.


That's you.

You get your power from burning, breaking, and regrowth.

Are you ready to claim it?

Do you ever...

*Feel like your emotions are out of control (or they control you)? 

*Look at your life and wonder if it's really what you want?

*Feel totally lost about who you are (or want who you used to be back)?

*Hide your emotions or lie about your life because you think people will judge you?

*Wonder if anyone will ever truly understand you?

*Drive somewhere, then sit in your car feeling anxiety and go home instead?

*Use drugs/alcohol because life feels so painful there is no other way?

*Feel sick and no doctor can tell you why?

*Feel unworthy, unlovable, and hopeless?

*Want to be better for your kids or family?

*Hear from your counselor or family or friends that you can't recover (or "just get over it")?




Connect with your body in such a deep way that you will feel healthier, have less pain, and love your reflection.

Our work is spirit-filled

and the home of the spirit

is your physical body.

Welcome Home



Access the pause between your thought and response so you have less stress, regret, and more control. 

Your mind is the most powerful muscle inside to change your outside reality.

Welcome Choice



Change your emotional attachment to the past so you can feel motivated, authentic, and calm, even in discomfort. 

Emotions are what drives our decisions and create peace. 

Welcome Calm Connection




Discover who you are (who you have always been) so you can be creative, expressive, and certain.

Spirituality is the birthplace of faith; in yourself, in something bigger, and that upon completion, everything is as you want it. 

Welcome Your Wholeness


A Permanent Solution that Results in a Fulfilling Life

Paper Plane


Pre-Work Packet

What is Recovery for you?

What does it look like?

Do you have a plan for support when it gets tough?

Don't worry!

We got you covered.

Enjoy the process of pre-work so you can understand the outcome you want and use it to ground you throughout your process.


Soul-Care Strategies

Each module includes at LEAST 4 guides to a soothing soul-care experience for you to relax and rejuvenate.

Activities include soul first-aid kit creation, touch, affirmations, visualizations, sensory practices, energy work, and TONS of creative expression including guided art name a few.

Road Sign

Private Facebook Group

Post your questions as they come up, share celebrations as you grow, give + receive extra encouragement, and have access to more information and resources at any time during the day and process in private.

Engage with other people going through a process of recovery, just like you. 

Pencil and notepad

Journal Prompts

Each module includes at LEAST 4 write+rant+respond exercises to dive deeper into who you are, what you know, and where you are going.

Topics include body movements, stress management, increasing confidence + self-love, letter writing, addressing shame + guilt, spiritual exploration, and more...


Monthly Group Coaching

Join a monthly group call on Zoom to have personalized coaching with Sierra wherever you may be feeling stuck. 

This is where we can do some deep work together quickly catered to what you're working on.

You can choose to have your part of the session recorded to come back to over and over.

Folding Map

Guided Exercises

Each module includes at LEAST 4 videos and templates to work on to guide you into creating the change you want. 

Topics include body awareness, movement, rewriting memory, boundaries, emotional releases, exploring who we are, activities on letting go, generational healing, spiritual expression (no matter your faith), and more...

Life Ring

1-on-1 Coaching Upgrade

Want more individual focus?

Want to be able to dive into your process with personal coaching more frequently?

Simply want to stay aligned with someone who believes in YOU?

You have the option to upgrade to 2 personal sessions per month plus UNLIMITED voice message support!

Pin Cushion




Each module includes information on why these techniques work so you know you are not alone, there is a reason we have these experiences, and it's very common.
You will get reminders that you are capable of anything, we believe in you, and if you want to know some science, it's here for you.

NOW is the perfect time to be the person I aspire to be...

“I think more people than not have experienced some form of emotional stress that causes our self-control to slip away. It's as if I am standing outside my body watching the emotional side of me fall apart.

Sierra give voice to a truth most of us probably wish didn't exist because shame is so common. It's more comfortable to sweep our experiences under the rug.

The more I work with her, the more I realize this is part of the human experience. I have grown empathy towards others and towards myself. Sierra brings me into the mindset and belief that NOW is the perfect time to be the person I aspire to be...and I know I can.”

Sarah A.

With these tools and direction,

I was able to reach my goals.

“Sierra is amazing, insightful, and motivating. She has been a catalyst for so many positive changes in my life!


With these tools and direction,

I was able to reach my goals.

If you've considered coaching or feel stuck in patterns that no longer serve you, I believe she can help!”

Michelle B.

Recovery is possible.

I wish everyone had the chance to go through these trainings.

“Sierra is something special; a compassionate, gentle, reassuring and kind human being and facilitator. She is real and helps to normalize the taboo subject of mental health and mental illness and make us all realize our potential of making a difference in our lives just being compassionate, concerned and caring.


Recovery is possible. I wish everyone had the chance to meet Sierra and go through these trainings with her...”

Kristine T.


This is not counseling, where you get diagnosed into a box, or prescribed pills to fix you.

I see you as a unique person--not a medical file.

Nothing else in existence is like Recover. 

I wish I would have had access to this when I was in recovery! So, I created it for you. This is the only online-based program that integrates a WHOLE body approach to recovery in one place. 

Recover combines the energy of a movement class with the depth of a long-time mentorship, the change of a revolution that echoes inside a community with the personal touch of a thumbprint.

You no longer have to wonder how on earth you will get through this. I will guide you and be there to support + celebrate you each step of the way.

Sierra-Frost-01908 (1).jpg

It doesn't matter if you feel like you have failed before or never tried at all. It doesn't matter if you have ideas about where you are in the process or no idea where to start. 

You are ready and you are worthy.

I will meet you where you are. 

Along with a community of people ready to rediscover their deepest truth + freedom, you will notice your life changing right away.

I will meet you right there.

Yes, we are going to work hard + have FUN!

Have more questions?

Q: What could I be recovering from?

A: Most of us have experienced something we want to be free from, whether it is a previous experience of trauma, abuse, or an accident, an addiction, a mental health illness, or a combination of these things.

Q: How is Recover delivered?

A: You will get access to a private site with videos, pdf downloads, and easy to follow modules set up for you to follow.
You will also be invited to a private Facebook group to post in whenever you like.
Finally, you will receive access to a monthly call via Zoom, which you can use simply by clicking the link from the site or the FB group from your phone or computer. I have set this all up to be delivered in the most interactive and simple way for you to use!

Q: What if I want more individual support?

A: You will have an option to upgrade for extra 1-on-1 coaching on the sales page when you click to register!

Q: How much time does this require?

A: This will vary for each person and you may want to take breaks, jump around, or redo some of the modules. You are free to do that and take as much or as little time as you would like on your journey in our community and with this program.

Q: What if I want to go slow or take a break?

A: You can do that at any time! I only ask you send me a message before you take a break so that I know you are okay. There will be plenty of soul-care techniques to use during your rest time provided as well.

Q: What if I don't know how to recover?

A: That's exactly what this program is for. You will be guided into all modules and experience them with support of a coach (me) and a community (if you want) along the way.

About Sierra Frost

Sierra Frost knows about mental/emotional health personally, professionally, and passionately.

Eleven years ago she started her journey in the field of child development and family dynamics through early childhood education, then special education. She now works with adolescent and adult individuals through coaching and workshops, as well as speaking events with organizations to understand topics such as trauma, mental health, and human development.

Sierra specializes in coaching people to recover from childhood adversity or long-term patterns caused by trauma. Her mission is to revolutionalize mental health in America by empowering everyday communities with accessible support and recovery skills. She is thrilled to bring her expertise to empower you to confidently care for yourself and your loved ones.

Sierra has experience in the fields of education, juvenile justice, social services, behavioral health, yoga, massage therapy, and entrepreneurship. She has also studied and practices related modalities such as mindfulness and neurology, CBT, DBT, NLP, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, and various communication training. She has worked with mental health professionals, legal professionals, law enforcement, and educators to incorporate mental and emotional supports into their work. Sierra has taught support skills and practices to clients in behavioral health organizations, addiction recovery facilities, homeless shelters, jails, and recovery centers for girls impacted by sex-trafficking.

Sierra is originally from Homer, AK and has studied with: Yoga for 12-Step-Recovery, Yoga Prison Project, Mental Health First Aid USA, Passion Yoga School, Healing Arts Institute, Alaska Pacific University, Child Development Associate Council,

and leaders in the field of trauma and somatic experiences such as Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Dan Siegel, Pat Ogden, and Ruth Buczynski through the NICABM.

 When Sierra is not teaching, coaching, and speaking, you can find her writing, kickboxing, volunteering, and traveling the world.