Emotional Badass Coaching
         Is there something you want to. change in your life, but you are                feeling resistance or unsure how? Our coaching guides you each            step and includes easy action items to create more peace and joy            than you ever thought possible!
Yoga Classes for Recovery
Have you ever experienced trauma? Have you ever struggled with a mental health or substance abuse challenge? Do you want to learn skills to respond to stress in a healthier way? Our classes are open to all genders!
Massage Therapy
Recovering from an injury? Experiencing muscle tension or postural deviations? Wanting to honor yourself with an hour of self-care? Enjoy the multitude of benefits from healing touch!
Reiki Energy Healing
Feeling blocked lately? Feel yourself "all in your head" or "up in the clouds?" Having a hard time changing your perspective? Come give your energy a tune up to better serve you!
Mental Health First Aid
If you are an individual interested in learning about mental health first aid, or want to plan a company-wide training, please contact us at info@invitationwellness.com or through this page for a quote and scheduling!