Massage Therapy


We offer several massage therapy services to facilitate change in client postures and performance, chronic tension and pain, as well as increase self-awareness. We believe we are able to live and love better when we feel best in our bodies, and we would like to serve you to feel amazing!


Invitation Wellness is thrilled to support our community through our massage therapy give back program! $10 from each hour of treatment is matched by us (to total $20/hr) and given to low-income clients who have experienced chronic abuse and are working to reconnect and feel safe in their bodies. We collaborate with local mental health organizations and clinicians to determine recipients with the most need. With every purchase of massage therapy service, you get your own care, and pass along the gift of healing in your community! 

Relaxation Massage.....60 min  $75

                                   .....90 min $110



Deep Tissue Massage.....60 min  $75

                                     .....90 min  $110



Sports Massage.....60 min  $75



Prenatal Massage.....60 min  $75



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