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Physical Body


Curious Discovery: Deep Dive Body Scan Audio 

Listen to this audio + complete the journaling activity.

Journal Prompts:

  • Where in your body do you notice it is harder to connect to?

  • What is the message or job of that part of you (if you ask)?

  • Where in your body do you feel great!?

  • If you fully loved your body right this moment, what would you tell it? What would you do to treat it with love?

  • Make a list of things you love about your body

  • What is similar or different when you give and receive touch?


Slow Motion: Postures + Emotions 

Practice w/this video + complete the journaling activity.


Use all 60 min or part of the video to explore slow movements in your body. In each posture, stop and ask yourself, what emotion do I feel in this pose?


Journaling Prompts:

  • What thoughts do you notice as you move slowly?

  • What emotions did you feel in each pose?

I. Write a list of thoughts that have come up as an invitation to release them. After you have written them down, they will be saved and you no longer need to remember them in your brain.

II. Write any postures and emotion matches you want to remember to use later. (i.e. Mountain Pose-Powerful, Spinal Twist-Creative)

III. Now that you know some emotions you feel in specific postures, reverse it! See if you can start with a posture to create the emotion you want (spoiler: you can)!



I. I notice my mind has a thought that finances are tough and I may not be able to pay my bills. I write down all my worries about money to let them out.

II. When I stand in mountain pose and raise my hands up, I feel powerful. When I twist, I feel creative. When I am in cobra, I feel kind and loving.

III. I want to feel powerful right now, so I will stand in mountain pose. Later before I do my work, I want to feel creative, so I will do a twisted pose. I will do cobra before I call my friend on the phone tonight.