Compassionate Communities

 Create a Skilled Support System 

 in 6 Weeks 

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Have you ever asked someone how to support them and they say, "I don't know?"

Then you feel powerless?

Have you ever felt depressed, anxious, or suicidal and completely alone in your own experience?


Does someone ever confide in you and you aren't sure how to respond?


Do you freeze when you realize someone you love is in crisis?

This is for you.


Compassionate Communities is a training to give you the practical skills you need to support yourself or someone else confidently. 

"I think it really matters how the people in our lives see us. I generally believe our mental health system is very good at keeping people sick. 
What is different about what you are teaching is seeing people where they are and using their potential for being whole and healthy in the way that's best for them. 
You teach skills to not get lost in pain, but not ignore it. You teach skills to love yourself and others in it and through it."

-Past Program Participant

This training is to...

  • master practical strategies, build understanding, and create step-by-step plans for crisis and non-crisis situations

  • feel confident, skilled, hopeful, safe, and believe in recovery, possibility, and yourself

  • become clear about what to ask for, when, and who to ask to support our best selves

  • become someone who is confident in supporting others with practical strategies without burnout

This training is NOT...

  • a training to be a mental health professional or diagnose yourself or anyone else

  • a replacement of professional help without consulting your regular professional

  • for saving the world (but maybe for saving yourself)​

Topics Include...

  • Stigma, Shame, and Empathy: What these look like and how to use them to our advantage

  • Community vs Isolation: Why humans are meant to connect and skills to effectively build a community

  • Communication + Real-Life Scenes: Guided role-playing to master your skills

  • Assessing for risk or crisis

  • Step-by-Step to Build Mental/Emotional Health First Aid Kits AND Crisis Plans

  • Supporting the Support: How to Care for Yourself
    when You Care for Others



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About The Facilitator

Sierra Frost knows about mental/emotional health personally, professionally, and passionately.

Eleven years ago she started her journey in the field of child development and family dynamics through early childhood education, then special education. She now works with adolescent and adult individuals through coaching and workshops, as well as speaking events with organizations to understand topics such as trauma, mental health, and human development.

Sierra has experience in the fields of education, juvenile justice, social services, behavioral health, yoga, massage therapy, and entrepreneurship. She has also studied and practices related modalities such as mindfulness and neurology, CBT, DBT, NLP, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, and various communication training. She has worked with mental health professionals, legal professionals, law enforcement, and educators to incorporate mental and emotional supports into their work. Sierra has taught support skills and practices to clients in behavioral health organizations, addiction recovery facilities, homeless shelters, jails, and recovery centers for girls impacted by sex-trafficking.

Sierra specializes in coaching people to recover from childhood adversity or long-term patterns caused by trauma. Her mission is to revolutionalize mental health in America by empowering everyday communities with accessible support and recovery skills. She is thrilled to bring her expertise to Compassionate Communities and empower you to confidently care for yourself and your loved ones.