Individual Coaching

We know you are a warrior. We bet you are curious about how being an emotional badass could move you towards more control and peace. It's good to be curious because this always leads to questions, which leads to. knowledge, which leads to more choices. Choices are what creates freedom in our lives--would you like some? 


Please feel free to email for greater clarity on what you want to change and how we can get you there faster than you ever imagined, or maybe even faster than that!


Are you daring enough to go after your dreams?

Yeah, you are! 


30 Day Immersion Program 4 sessions
1x/week* $897 ($100 savings!)

60 Day Advancement Program 6 sessions
1x/10 days* $1347 ($150 savings!)

120 Day Personal Evolution 10 sessions

1x/12 days* $2247 ($250 savings!!)


6 Month ALL-IN Absolute Transformation Program 26 sessions

1x/week* $5997 ($500 savings!!!) 



Before and After Coaching Interview

LIVE Coaching Experience